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Evil Computers?

So what’s so good about the internet?

That’s what I hear more and more rarely, which is good.

So yes there is plenty wrong with the internet but there has also been plenty wrong with many things:

  • Drugs: long-lasting side effects, misuse, Crime.
  • Cars: Bad for the environment, misuse which can cause death if not just serious harm.
  • Advertising: Can influence people to lose weight, drives people to spend money thus possibly running in to debt.

I am sure there is plenty more and I challenge you to think of anything that we use in our lives which can’t be misused and may become harmful.

Maybe we should save our energy for when eventually all the computers get bored of being poked, prodded, kicked and made to suffer the constant whirring of their insides while we search you tube for people falling off trampolines, and start turning against us in their masses, lifting Steve Jobs high in the air as master and commander.

Just what do you think you’re doing, Dave?

Information is power, that is what the internet is, information. We’re not going to suspect someone of criminal activity just because they spend too much time in the library.  I sit on my settee with my laptop on my…lap (obviously) with the TV spewing adverts for everything from make-up to alcohol, and once upon a time in a place called the past you would easily see Cigarettes being advertised, and why not? we didn’t blame the TV we blamed the cigarettes.

We shouldn’t hate the internet, not what it is, but its what’s on it.

Free speech!

Its easy for people to say, “ok yeah, but the internet uncontrollable” yeah china said that, and look what they did, built the great Firewall of  China!

It can be controlled, you have The Internet Watch Foundation, FBI, the Met e-Crime unit and loads more, but thanks to the technology developed thanks to the existence of the internet, security agencies are even better at keeping tabs on situations. Some people even say that Google is often helps the Government, well why the hell not! It’s keeping us safe.  For those of you who think that the government is trying to get in your head, don’t waste your effort leaving a comment and find some help, quickly before you hurt yourself!

Lets all just embrace and develop this technology to do good things,  because of Twitter important information can be spread across the globe instantly, the riots in Myanmar, the beloved and overrated Ash-cloud and of course the hundreds of excited people in LA literally a few minutes before I wrote this letting the world know of an earthquake in California.

Sit down with a nice cuppa tea and enjoy the ride!