My first about Cancer

It always seems difficult to know what to write in times of sadness.

We feel like we want to say something to vent our terribly haunting emotions.

Or if you’re like me, sometimes it’s easy to be happy in your misery and not say anything at all.

I’ve heard that cancer will affect one in every three of us is some way or another, but for me it’s has seemed to be a big part of life, and I didn’t even realise it until recently.

My Grandmother on my father’s side, had skin cancer, my father also had skin cancer, my grandmother on my mums side suffered cancer three times in her life, and now recently my mother has been diagnosed with stage four kidney cancer.

In 2008, 15,211 people died from cancer.

If you think about that, and compare it to a disaster…for example in 1592, 15,000 people were killed in a plague which has made its mark in history, but cancer is doing this every year. In the future will we look back at these days as the age of cancer? I doubt it.

Im still waiting for the figures for 2009 but im sure we will see an increase.

I’ve always been aware of cancer, and how much effort the charities have to put in to keep our attention, I suppose the only reason cancer charities get as much money as they do is because cancer effects so many people.

Im writing this post to digest a few things that have just occurred to me about cancer, for example there isn’t just one cancer.

Pathology .


a malignant and invasive growth or tumor, esp. oneoriginating in epithelium, tending to recur after excisionand to metastasize to other sites.


any disease characterized by such growths.

any evil condition or thing that spreads destructively; blight.

I was about to type up the varying types of cancer, then I saw this from the National Cancer Institute.

Cancer Research UK has a shorter list, but I want to talk about kidney cancer.

My Mum had been complaining to the GP for a good while about a annoying ache at on her lower back, she did actually go a number of times, and each time the diagnosis would be stress of a pulled muscle so they gave her some anti-inflammatory drugs to keep the pain down. At this point I would like to show you how damaging Ibuprofen can be.

Eventually my mum was in hospital with so much pain, the doctors assumed that she had gall stones, until the ultrasound showed a massive lump which used to be the kidney.

Kidney cancer is a very slow moving cancer so its hugely likely that she has had this lump for a very very long time, maybe even years.

She had been complaining about the pains for well over a year or two.

Kidney Cancer is the 11th most common cancer in the UK, my mum was having breast screening very regularly because of her mother who had breast cancer.

Most people who are diagnosed are over 65, my mum is 50.

It affects many more men than women, this is because in the past more men smoked cigarettes.

I used to smoke, I started when I was 20 and I have been since 1st Jan 2010 without any, my mum had quit smoking a few months before, she had smoked all her life from her teens.

Causes of Kidney cancer: There are some kidney cancer risk factors we know about. These are:

  • Smoking – If you smoke your risk could be double that of a non smoker.
  • Chemicals at work – People working in some industries have a higher risk.
  • Faulty genes – Some people inherit a tendency to develop kidney cancer. This is called hereditary or familial kidney cancer. Certain inherited conditions also increase the risk.
  • Being obese
  • Having kidney disease that needs dialysis
  • Other risk factors that have been investigated and may increase risk include high blood pressure and heavy use of mild painkillers, such as aspirin, paracetamol, and ‘non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs’ (NSAIDs), such as ibuprofen.

Makes me quite sick to think that she was coming away from the GP prescribed with something that was helping her actually get cancer.

Enough for now.


3 responses to “My first about Cancer

  1. Oh, dear, I’m so sorry about all that, especially about your mum. I will pray for her, & I hope she pulls through with flying colours. It’s too bad that doctors aren’t infallible… On the flip side, though, I’m proud of you that you’ve been smoke-free since the first of the year – good for you!!!

  2. i really liked your blog:).. and sorry to hear about your losses to cancer – i lost my grandma to cancer. and not that we know everything about it now – but back then understanding cancer was close to sci/fi . now at least we know that cancer is very likely to attack our locus minoris resistentia – spots we tend to have frequent and chronic inflammations of, and that lifestyle play a big factor too.

    so eat well people, don’t smoke and spend a lot of time doing what makes you and people you love happy and the rest is in the hands of your once a year physical.

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