Back…..back…just a little more!….Stop!…whoops!…umm too much.

As this is the first time in so long I graced this keyboard with terrible spelling mistakes with the intention to create a blog post, I should really sign post some sort of landmark, or explain my absence from the choppy modern internet surf, but I’m not going to, mind your beeswax.

Since September I have been in a very different dimension, a dimension which can have an awful impact on the mind, it’s called “Nights”.

Surprisingly I was promoted into the, and lately it has just occurred to me how damaging “nights” can be to creativity.

I shifted my whole day forward instead of getting up at 6.00am ok 7.30am I’ve been getting up at 11.30am, getting ready and starting work at 1.30pm, even by that time most people are clock watching, starting to think about whether or not to wear the outrageous pink leggings when they go to that over-priced club, or even trying to schedule the complicated task of watching all the programmes they’ve sky+’d so they won’t run out of memory.  So the enthusiasm evaporated very quickly from my days.

When you’re in this mood you don’t tend to feel much like blogging.

Well in a few weeks I will be back on track, back to my usual tilted weirdness and talking about a spectrum of chaotic randomness.

So expect me back.


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